Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weird Crime: Imaginary Ninjas Are the Hardest to Escape From

Seattle, Washington

No matter what your feelings are in illegal drug use, I think everyone can agree that the whole point why many people take them is to feel good or to try and escape from reality for a while. But on September 15 of 2013, 22-year-old Michael Allen Bray must have wanted to feel REALLY good or desperately felt the need to unplug his brain for the matrix for a while; he consumed a very potent combination of alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, and mushrooms.

Unfortunately for him, this cocktail of mood altering chemicals ended up making his day much, much worse. It started with Michael believing that he was being chased by someone. The description he gave police (the morning after his bad trip, no less) claimed that his pursuer was an "Asian female ninja" who looked like she was from a "Steven Segal movie."

This would be enough to scare anyone, but the course of action Michael took to elude this imaginary assassin is where things go from bad to worse.

He boarded a boat docked at the Queen City Yacht Club. To his surprise (and the owner's detriment), the keys were inside the ignition room. Realizing the golden opportunity laying before him, Michael fired up the engines and began ramming the surrounding boats and dock area in a futile attempt to escape.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Michael had put actual lives in danger due to the fact that there were passengers on board the other boats. One of the yacht club members decided to take matters into his own hands; he got a birdshot rifle, walked up to the stolen/rampaging boat, and fired 3-4 shots, hitting Michael in the face. This was able to halt the boat's progress, but it was nowhere near enough force to stop the crazy.

When the police arrived, Michael was found naked, bleeding, and straddling the ship's stern. His first act upon being confronted by the officers was to blame the ninja for shooting him (which reveals a severe deficiency in his knowledge about standard ninja weaponry). He then told the officers that he was a CIA agent while pointing at all of them and declaring "one of you are dead."

"I see dead people...and are any of you holding?"

When it was all said and done, Michael hadn't hurt anyone else, but he did cause approximately $483,000 worth of property damage to the dock and surrounding vessels. The boat he attempted to set sail on was also declared a total loss. This helped lead to him being held on $100,000 bail on charges of motor-vehicle theft, first-degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and first-degree vehicle prowling.

Michael Allen Bray is due to stand trial on Wednesday, October 2. His ninja stalker and the purple dragon he was chasing still remain at large.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Internet Celebrity of the Month: Kindly Myers

You're getting two internet celebrities of the month for September. This is not just because I love you, but also to help Kindly get a push for the Playboy Miss Social competition (linked at the bottom). If you love America, you'll go vote for her after reading this article.

If you're a University of Kentucky sports fan, than you've probably spent a fair amount of time at Matt Jones' KentuckySportsRadio.com. It's a great place to get lots of information on the Wildcats delivered in a completely biased yet self aware (and often hilarious) manner.

If you claim to hate the website, than you've probably spent even more time than the regular readers there whining about it in the comments sections of every post.

But one thing that can halt the verbal sparring that occasionally occurs over at KSR dead in it's tracks is the UK Fan of the Day picture. That goes double when the picture is of Kentucky superfan Kindly Myers.

Sorry Matt, but I totally don't care about the podcast right at this moment.

She's been featured a few times on the site, but that's not the only place Wildcat fans have seen her. She is also an ace bartender for Legends Corner in Nashville, which is one of the best places you can stop in to have a good time while visiting Tennessee's capital city.

And since Nashville often plays host to the SEC tournament, Kentucky bowl games (back during the Brooks years, at least), and Vanderbilt road trips, Kentucky fans often end up painting the entire town blue...which means that Kindly, who loves her Wildcats, is every UK fan's #1 bartender.

But Kindly's following extends well beyond a measure of local fame and a large Kentucky following. Aside from her very active Twitter and Instagram accounts (which are filled with the elations and laments of a typical die-hard UK fan), she has also been featured in MaximCoed.com, and various other magazine covers and photo shoots. 

Kindly's drop dead gorgeous looks combined with her distinctive 'Invictus' tattoo running down her right side give her quite a bit of allure, already. The fact that she loves the UK, however, makes this blonde bombshell every male Wildcat fan's dream girl.

She's also one of the coolest and most down to earth gals you could ever talk to, which is why she was happy to do an interview with RamblingBeachCat.com.

RBC: Have you always been a Kentucky fan?

Kindly: Yes I have.

RBC: What do you think about new head coach Mark Stoops and the direction of the football program?

Kindly: They are getting great recruits and I think Stoops will get them back into a bowl game (and to the top of the SEC, eventually).

RBC: Do you think Kentucky Basketball can make it back to the Final Four this year with so many true freshman on the roster?

Kindly: Are you kidding? That shouldn't even be a question. National champions! Probably a record draft class, too.

RBC: What got you into bar tending?

Kindly: When I moved to Nashville I started doing promotions for a bar. The bartenders seemed to have so much fun and I kept asking to learn. 

Finally, they put me behind the bar on a Saturday night to work/learn the ropes. It was stressful, but I picked it up pretty quickly and have been bar tending for about 7 years now. It's a great job. I make great money, get to have fun, and meet lots of new people.

RBC: What is your worst customer horror story?

Kindly: Every night there is at least one customer who is absolutely insane. I try to document them on my Twitter feed with #bartenderprobs

                                  As a former bar tender myself, this is one of my favorites

RBC: What was your time like during the four years you served in the Army National Guard (and have you ever had to use the skills you learned there to kick someones ass)?

Kindly: Basic training taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was, both mentally and physically. I also got to shoot many different types of guns and rocket launchers. It was fun and I met some great people. 

I am also confident that I could kick someones ass in hand to hand combat if the situation arose.

RBC: What brought you from the Bluegrass State to Nashville?

Kindly: I grew up on the Ky/Tn border; I went to high school there in a very small town. After school, I moved to Nashville to get out of there and see what the city had to offer.

RBC: How often do you get to go back to Kentucky and see games in person?

Kindly: Not as often as I would like. But whenever I'm not working, I try to make it to a game (or at least watch the games at a Kentucky sports bar).

RBC: When did you start modeling?

Kindly: Modeling has always been a passion of mine. The last 2 years, however, have been very good to me. I've been published on the cover of Joker Magazine, a semi finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hottie competition, and I've been featured on Coed.com and Busted Coverage.

RBC: What do you do to keep in such great shape (and if you say "genetics" I will throw my laptop across the room)?

Kindly: Sorry to say this, but genetics do have a lot to do with it...

My job also keeps me moving and running back and forth all night, so that helps.

RBC: You've captured the Big Blue Nation's collective heart, so clearly you have the ability to develop a following. Is modeling something that you would ever want to give up bar tending for and turn into a full time career?

Kindly: I would LOVE to model as a full time career, but if I did I know I would miss bar tending. I have had other jobs and I always come back to it.

RBC: What inspired the #sorrymyboobsarehuge hashtag you like to use?

Kindly: It all started as a joke. For example, if got something free or a discount on something I would say "sorry my boobs are huge." It's just amazing to me the things you can get away with if you have big boobs.

RBC: Does your boyfriend ever want to throttle all the people that oggle/profess their love to you, or has he gotten used to it?

Kindly: I don't think he will ever get used to people taking my picture or saying they love me, but I think he deals with it well. He trusts me and knows I'm not going anywhere.

RBC: Do you ever have marriage proposals from your customers at the bar?

Kindly: At least twice a week. No one has ever given me a ring, though.

RBC: Your Instagram feed is full of pictures and videos of you and your horses. How long have you been riding?

Kindly: I got a mini horse when I was 3 and I've been riding ever since.

RBC: Does your dog Little know that he's "Instagram famous"?

Kindly: He loves getting his picture taken. He also loves wearing clothes; he'll pretty much do anything for attention. 

But does he know he's famous? I think it's safe to say that he is pretty oblivious to that.

RBC: What is your favorite Kentucky sports memory?

Kindly: UK vs. Louisville in 2004, Patrick Sparks getting fouled with less than a second left and sinking all 3 free throws to win the game. Louisville doesn't exist!

RBC: Anything you'd like to say to your fans out there in the Big Blue Nation and beyond?

Kindly: Thank you all for supporting me I love all of my fans and followers! I couldn't do any of this with out you!!

Be sure to vote for Kindly in the Playboy Miss Social Competition. It's non nude, so your wife or girlfriend will only be moderately ticked if she sees you visiting the site.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weird Crime: Superior Spider-Man's Not So Amazing Attempted Robbery

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Most of you out there know who Spider-Man is. A large number of you would even call yourselves a fan of the character. But for the many of you who don't that keep up with Spider-Man's monthly adventures from Marvel, it may come as a surprise to know that Peter Parker is dead.

Yes, he will be back at some point, but current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott (who is one of my favorites) has done the unthinkable: He had Spidey's long time time nemesis, Doctor Octopus, finally defeat him by having the two switch bodies while allowing Doc Ock's deteriorating physical form to expire (with Peter Parker's mind and spirit still inside).

To drive the point home even further, he provided a classic "comic book death" out to return to the status quo (a remnant of Peter Parker continued to function in the back of Dock Ock's mind) only to completely obliterate it 9 issues later.

Things might seem pretty bleak right now, but to Slott's credit, he has woven a masterful tale of a what a former homicidal/genius super villain would do if he was able to completely inhabit and take over the life of his arch nemesis. Unfortunately, life in the Pittsburgh area seems to be imitating Slott's art...and it's not turning out very well.

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 20 of 2013, 21-year-old Johnathan Hewson walked into a convenience store decked out in a full Spider-Man costume. He then shouted at the clerk "How much money you got?"

The clerk, who was clearly aware that this Spider-Man was no longer the same man who valued pairing great power with great responsibility, pulled out a stun gun. That's when Spidey decided to high tail it on foot out of the store. This created one of the greatest photo opportunities imaginable, which someone was able to snap and post online (courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh.

"Out of web fluid again!"

Because super villains never seem to know when to leave a crime scene, Hewson/Spider-Man was arrested less than a block away about an hour later. One of Henson's henchmen/roommates attempted to stick up for him, explaining that Johnathan was just a Spider-Man enthusiast who was having a little fun.

Aside from nearly every new article on this leaving out the hyphen in Spider-Man's name, the most frustrating part about all this is that anyone (including Henson and his roommate) could think walking into a store late at night while wearing a mask and shouting questions about where the money is kept could ever be considered harmless.

Embedded below is a local news report on the incident. You get to see an unmasked and very dejected looking wall crawler being interrogated by a reporter while also being heckled by a nearby citizen.

As hard as it is to see someone dressed as my childhood (and adult) hero put into the back of a squad car, I can't really find any sympathy for the kid in this situation.

His friend/minion can say all he wants that the guy is harmless, but the circumstances of the crime (along with the surveillance video which has yet to be released) allegedly tell a very different story.

Fortunately, the Pittsburgh police department was not about to fall for such a transparent attempt at obtaining freedom for the Master Planner. Henson was charged with robbery and sent to the Allegheny County Jail, where he is being held on $50,000 bail.

There has been no word yet on when/if he will be transferred to The Raft.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weird Crime: A Night at the Museum

Sedro-Woolley, Washington

On September 1 of 2013, 22-year-old Kevin Quinn was arrested for allegedly prowling for vehicles to steal in a Walmart parking lot. He was cited and quickly released by the Skagit County police. Letting him back out of the police station turned out to be a very bad idea.

Within hours, Kevin was able to successfully steal a truck (probably went to a Target parking lot instead), which he used to drive over to the local Sedro-Woolley museum. He then broke in to the museum's storage area and began committing other acts of criminal mischief...while also being completely naked.

It's unclear when or why Kevin decided to break the law in the buff, but that's actually not the weirdest thing that he did. Surveillance video provided by local news station KIROTV.com (which was thankfully blurred out around Kevin's junk) shows that he attempted to arrange various ladders and boards into the shape of an M...or maybe a W. It's hard to understand his perspective on this (along with a number of other things).

Kevin also broke off parts of a wagon and attempted to boost an antique air compressor and stove top. Embedded below is the local news report on the incident, complete with 'naked' puns and the museum's director, Carolyn Freeman, watching and reacting to the video of a naked man wreaking havoc on her operation.

Police were later able to locate the stolen truck that Kevin had used to transport himself to the museum. Inside of it was a massive amount of sawdust along with beer cans and various pieces of museum property.

There was also a substantial amount of Kevin's blood smeared all over the place. When police apprehended him, they noted that he had a fresh wound on his hand that was still bleeding. This indicated that he probably suffered the injury while inside the storage area (or experienced a very ill-timed occurrence of stigmata). It is also believed that drugs may have been involved/responsible for his bizarre behavior.

For a couple of days, Kevin Quinn's identity was very hard to track down (His mugshot has still not been made public). It finally became available, however, when he pleaded not guilty (?) to charges of second degree burglary, third degree theft, first degree malicious mischief, theft of a motor vehicle, and assault (?).

I'm really not sure how Kevin thinks he will get out of this one. But I'd like to think that his lawyer/public defender lost a bet or is being put through some type of legal hazing ritual.

Quinn, who also has six prior felony convictions, is currently residing in the Skagit County Jail on $25,000 bond. He is due back in court on October 10. Meanwhile, Carolyn Freeman has a message for the youth of America:

"Stay off the drugs"

Especially if you visit a larger museum and manage to get inside the main lobby.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weird Crime: We All Scream For Ice Cream (And Guns)

(photo @ autoweek.com)

Charleston, South Carolina

On the afternoon of September 8, 2013, Lisa Moorer was driving her ice cream truck through a neighborhood when she observed a group of young children running towards her vehicle accompanied by the sound of frantic screaming.

As you might imagine, this scenario played out pretty often in her line of work. But in this case, something was off. The four boys were customers that she had seen numerous times before, but the screaming didn't match up with them at all. Instead, it had the sound of an elderly irate male and contained a slew of profanities.

As she pulled the truck over, Lisa discovered that the person yelling at her was 59-year-old Richard Lee Hill. Richard was apparently very angry that an ice cream truck was daring to bring joy and the possibility of early onset diabetes to children while ignoring the neighborhood's 'No Solicitation' sign/rule.

Now as hard as it might be to believe, I still had a little bit of sympathy for Richard at this point. Any of you who follow me on Twitter (or have the unfortunate privilege of hearing me complain about things in person) know that the ice cream truck in my neck of the woods causes me no small amount of terror and panic.

For starters, it plays Christmas music like 'Silent Night' and 'Joy to the World' very slowly and incredibly out of tune. That's jarring enough to hear in the summer time, but even worse is the fact that the truck seems to enjoy making its rounds just as the sun is setting.

"Yeah...I'm gonna just keep on running away in fear if you don't mind..."

Combine that with the fact that the ONE AND ONLY time I've heard it play 'Happy Birthday To You' was as it drove by my house ON MY BIRTHDAY...and how the last scene of 2008's 'Home Movie' still haunts me, and well...maybe I'm just a giant pansy. But still, I could see how Richard might have not been a fan, either.

But instead of closing the blinds and hiding behind the couch like I do, he decided to take a terrifyingly proactive approach to his anti-ice cream truck sentiment by brandishing a gun while charging towards it. In an interview about the incident (embedded below), Lisa claims that after realizing what was happening and seeing the children scatter, she took off from the armed assailant barreling towards her.

Of course I'm glad that she and the kids got out of there safely. But I also really hope I'm not the only person who laughed at the thought of an ice cream truck playing its music while out from the curb and speeding away down the street.

The police where called about the incident and converged on Richard's home. They found him sitting in his back yard (hopefully contemplating his bad life decision and/or doing zen meditation), where he quickly surrendered himself to the authorities.

Richard was allegedly very apologetic and admitted that what he'd done was "a dumb mistake." Unfortunately for him, being contrite won't get you out of being arrested and charged with pointing and presenting a firearm.

Lisa Moorer said that she has had complaints about the music from her truck before, but a potential armed assault definitely constituted a first for her. As of now, she seems undeterred from making her rounds.

Richard Lee Hill was released from jail on $25,00 bond (!) and has told friends that he is ashamed of his actions this past weekend.

Maybe one of them will go buy him an ice cream.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Internet Celebrity of the Month: Rebecca Marshall

Sometimes when I get frustrated with a lack of good movie material to watch, I begin desperately searching for a project to restore my faith in the creative film making process (along with something to occupy my notoriously fickle/short attention span).

Unfortunately, most film projects that you run across on Kickstarter look like someone asking to get paid a few thousand dollars for a pimped out food cart while a few friends mess around with their new video camera. But a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon something that looked like it might actually good: A fan film based off of Nintendo's Metroid franchise called Metroid: Enemies Within.

The film looked like it was in very capable hands with Christian Cardona, who in addition to having a great track record with limited budget special effects also really seemed to love the Metroid universe with every fiber of his being.

But at 1:34, my entire world froze when Rebecca Marshall came on screen to introduce herself as the film's lead actress and a producer.

I mean sure, she's (INSANELY) beautiful. But so are a lot of actresses in Hollywood. What struck me, however, was the aura of badassness that she exuded while discussing her reasons for wanting to take on the role of Samus.

There were probably more than a few basement dwellers that began to scream "NERD PANDERING" when she described her affinity for the Metroid franchise (because some people don't like pretty girls developing passionate hobbies, apparently), but I never felt even a twinge of "fake geek" paranoia while she spoke. Instead, I began to look up more of her work...and discovered all types of awesome.

Rebecca had previously starred in a short film (which was also directed by Christian Cardona) called 'Y: The Last Rising'. Despite being based on a comic book series that I love, it had somehow slipped my radar (probably due to my rage over writer Brian K. Vaughn's cop out "we said the plague result would be revealed, just not when you saw it" ending).

Rebecca played the role of Hero, Yorick's sister...and left me desperately wanting to see her carry on the character's messed up story arc well past the film's ending.

Rebecca's range of roles during her short career go from being a horrifically executed victim (Warning: NSFW/Graphic) in the final Saw film to making me able to sit through more than 30 seconds of Two and a Half Men without wanting to slam my head against a wall.

Unfortunately, the Metroid: Enemies Within Kickstarter was shutdown by Nintendo, who filed a DMCA notice complaining about a free (and awesomely produced) commercial for a flagging franchise that they seemingly have no interest in ever turning into a film franchise themselves.

But despite Nintendo's asinine decision, there was a silver lining to all this: I had discovered Rebecca Marshall...who I later asked if she would be willing to do an interview with RamblingBeachCat.com.

Because she's one of the coolest people in the universe, she agreed.

RBC: Before we get into Metroid/Samus and the whole Kickstarter debacle, let's find out more about you. When did you decide to start acting and what inspired you to do it?

Rebecca: I started acting at a young age. I was always mesmerized by film since I was a young girl. I lived in my imagination 24/7. But I actually started becoming a working actress in my late teens after studying theater in Toronto.

RBC: Do you still plan on doing any modeling in the future, or are you focused solely on acting right now?

Rebecca: Now a days I feel like it's all meshed together anyways. Actors have become spokespeople for beauty products, perfumes, clothing lines and technology. So really, I don't see much of a separation (besides runway models of course). So yes, the answer is 'yes' I will still model.

...something for which we can all give thanks.

RBC: I read that you used to perform in musicals. Do you still sing at all?

Rebecca: Oh boy...I LOVE musicals! That's how I started off when I was little. I would write all these awful musicals and make my family sit through them as I danced and sang around my living room.  

I would love to do a musical at some point in my career. I don't sing as much as I use to, but I still have a big love for it.

RBC: You're an outspoken animal lover (I have 3 dogs and a leopard gecko, so I'm right there with you). What pets do you currently have?

Rebecca: A leopard gecko?!! That's amazing!  

Right now I have my sidekick, Sophie. She is a mix between a lab, border collie, and German shepherd. She's very smart...a little too smart. I have to constantly challenge her physically and mentally.

Sophie seems very satisfied with Rebecca's efforts.

I rescued her at a place called SPOT in Los Angeles when she was 7 weeks old. They are great place that really has done a lot to help animals in the Los Angeles area and find them proper homes. I am a big supporter of them.

RBC: What was the most challenging part of your role as Suzanne in 'Saw 3D'?

Rebecca: I would have to say being in that trap! They were long days, I was really strapped down, and it was hot. The pipes were so close to my eyes and it was a very emotional scene, so I was pretty drained.  


The director, Kevin Greutert, was so great though, and the team we had was very trustworthy. I knew I was in good hands.  

RBC: In the trailer for one of your upcoming/current movies, 'Raze' (embedded below), both you the film and you look pretty crazy. I think my favorite part was where you screamed "I WANT SABRINA!" and proceeded to completely lose it.

What was it like to cut loose like that? 

Rebecca: Yes! It is a very crazy movie! Let's just say it's an uber-violent popcorn movie with lots of action. I guess that's the only way to explain it. 

I play a character named Phoebe. She's a sociopath street rat and is surrounded by a group of women that (like her) have been kidnapped and forced to fight till the death.

I think this was my toughest role to date. I trained very hard to get in shape for this role and did all my own stunts. It was very physically demanding, but even more emotionally.  

Playing a sociopath is like nothing I have ever done before. At the beginning it was all about not judging her or hating her, but understanding where she is coming from. But by the end, I actually found myself feeling sorry for her. 

Pure evil can still be kind of adorable

A lot of research took place for this role to get into the mind of someone who is a sociopath. I had so much fun playing this character; it opened my eyes to playing as many unexpected roles as I can. I want people to love to hate her and hate that they love her. Hopefully I pulled that off.

RBC: You've mentioned before that doing a lot of the fight work/choreography on Raze helped inspire you to want to take on an action role like the one in Metroid: Enemies Within. What was the daily routine/grind like for while you were filming?

Rebecca: Well, we started about a month before shooting to get the girls comfortable with the fight choreography. I would do an hour of strength and conditioning with my trainer, Jason Walsh, then boxing for an hour in the afternoon, and then about 2 to 3 hours of fight choreography with or great fight choreographer, James Young

I did that about 4 - 5 days a week and tried to keep it up when we were shooting, but it was such long days on set that it was hard. I also lost about 13 pounds for the role.  

All of the woman in this movie brought their 'A' game. Everyone trained and worked so hard for this film.  

This photo helps to remind me that they 
really didn't want to violently kill each other

RBC: What do you have to do to stay in such great shape (and if you say it's just genetics, I will throw my computer out the window).

Rebecca: It's funny because I read how some actresses say it's just genetics and I am like "Wow, good for her." I wish! 


I work very hard to stay in shape. I eat very healthy, but do allow myself to have cheat days. 

But mostly, I am up and training in the morning 4 to 5 days a week and taking good care of myself. It's not easy, but it's part of my job. If I had to gain 15 pounds for a role, than I would commit to that as well.  

I am also very active thanks to my dog. We hike, run at the beach, and I love to surf. Sophie, however, does not like to surf at all...

...or be taken seriously.

RBC: You've done some movies with a lot of great veteran actors during your relatively short time in the business (Carey Elwes, Peter Dinklage, Kevin Spacey, etc). Who was your favorite one to work with?

Rebecca: Ah! That's a tough question! I have had amazing experiences with all of them. Peter Dinklage was the first TV show I ever did in L.A, so I was super nervous and we had to be half naked in bed together for one scene.  

He was very sweet and so professional. He kept cracking jokes to make light of the situation.  

Pretty sure Tyrion Lannister didn't find this particular task to be that difficult.

RBC: You also mentioned that there aren't many starring action roles for women, which is one reason you were really excited to take this one. What are some of your favorite iconic female ass-kicking roles that have made it to the big or small screen?

Rebecca: Hmmm...there are a lot. Some of my favorites would have to be Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Angelina Jolie in WANTED, and Anne Parillaud in La Femme Nikita.

RBC: For the Metroid film, how much of it were you going to spend in the armor and what type of challenge were you anticipating with having to portray a character when your face is completely covered? 


This Face =A terrible crime to cover up

Rebecca: I would have spent a good amount of time in the armor suit as well as the zero suit. I think with my face covered, it would have been slightly difficult to work with, but I wasn't too concerned.  

We had a great team to building my armor and helmet; it would have given me ventilation while doing high-action scenes, as well.

RBC: The storyboards for the film looked pretty wild and you were planning on doing most of your own stunts. Were you worried about being able to move around quickly in that suit?  

Rebecca: I was pretty excited to get in the suit and start kicking butt! But I am sure there would have been some challenges along the way. 

The way these suits are designed is incredible. They look so heavy and stiff, but they are actually pretty light and flexible. But I also would have been doing many fittings throughout the design process to make sure it was wearable to my body.

RBC: Sylux (who was confirmed as the movie's antagonist) REALLY hates Samus. Was the story going to delve into why he (it?) wants to kill him so badly?  

Rebecca: We had definitely planned to give you more insight on who he is, why he hates Samus, but more importantly, why he hates the Galactic Federation.

RBC: What was you and your team's reaction to Nintendo's request that the Kickstarter campaign be taken down?

Rebecca: Um...well, it was a little bit of a surprise. We felt that if we were going to get shut down, it was going to be sooner rather than later. So the fact that two weeks went by...we thought we had a chance.

RBC: Did anyone from their corporate office or legal department contact you to discuss things, or was it all just documents and implied middle fingers?

Rebecca: We just received an email from Kickstarter which stated that Nintendo of America filed a DMCA against us. Kickstarter gives you an opportunity to dispute the matter, but we are going to do nothing of the sort. If they did not want us to do it, than we happily respect those wishes.

RBC: Why do you think Nintendo did this? 

Rebecca: Well, ultimately we will never know. But I think they just followed their standard practices and procedures. On their website they do say that they will decline any use of copywritten material.

RBC: What has the fan reaction been like to the Kickstarter campaign being forced to shut down?

Rebecca: Mixed. We had about half the fans be really upset at Nintendo, while the other half were happy we were shut down. 

But I do believe those people who rejected the idea of a Metroid film didn't feel that way because they didn't want to see it. I think they had more of a problem with us asking for money to do it and doing it without Nintendo's permission...which is fair. 

But if Nintendo has no plans to do a film, than we may never see it. That made it worth the risk for us.

Good job, Nintendo. Shut down a 9:00 commercial for your product that 
you don't have to pay for while making another  crappy game exploring Samus' daddy issues

RBC: Is there anything cool you can reveal to us about the project now that we would have gotten to see? 

Rebecca: Well, besides a major battle between Sylux and Samus on the ship, I was planning on shooting a new intro. It would have shown the final moments of when the Gorea was destroyed at the end of Metroid Hunters. This would have been the intro of the film and it would have been used as a dream/flashback before she wakes up.

RBC: You guys mentioned that you were going to try to create some original content instead. Can you give any hints or ideas as to what it will be?  

Rebecca: We already have original content that we had been developing for quite some time now, but a new story developed that was inspired by the Metroid universe. It was an original concept about a female assassin and over the course of the last two years, it evolved into Metroid: Enemies Within. 

But rather then forcing the story into the Metroid universe, we will expand upon the original concept that had it's own universe and mythology. We will return to its origin so to speak...and we're very excited about it.

RBC: I'll be looking forward to it (as I'm sure many others who wanted to see this film get made will be, as well). 

Let's get back to you and your current projects (before I develop even more hatred for Nintendo's current handling of the Metroid franchise than I already have). Are action films a direction that you would like your career to go in?

Rebecca: Yes, absolutely! I love doing action movies. There is something so exciting about the rush you get when shooting action scenes.

Especially when you can still look this good doing it.

RBC: Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

Rebecca Marshall: I have RAZE which will be in theaters in the first quarter of 2014.  

I also have a movie called LIFE TRACKER which will be available on DVD, On Demand, and iTunes this October 2013. It's a film about a company that through your DNA can tell you when you are going to die (trailer embedded below).

RBC: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Rebecca Marshall: I love them! I also appreciate all the support I get from you guys on social media and watching my work whether it be TV and/or film. Thank you :)

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