A Letter to My Dog, Half Pint

This last year may have been the worst one of my life, but at least I've got the world's two greatest dogs by my side to help me stagger into 2018. Today's post features a letter to Half Pint. Benjamin will be getting a letter later this week--he'd never let me hear the end of it, otherwise.

Also, this posts features a lot of short video clips of Half Pint being silly. Since I apparently can't do anything right these days, they are exclusively shot in vertical mode. Please accept my apologies (and cut me some friggin' slack).

Lee Corso, Lou Holtz, and accountability.

Let me stand next to your fire...

The commercial is over, but the product remains a mystery...

A "Why I love teaching middle school" Moment: O Canada

A "Why I love teaching middle school" Moment: Yes, There Are Dumb Questions

A "Why I love teaching middle school" Moment.

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