Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A "Why I love teaching middle school" Moment: Yes, There Are Dumb Questions


I'm still not sure what this kid was thinking, but this quick story needs a little bit of set up:

1. The UK Fight Song is my cell phone ring tone and it is a lively march, much like any college fight song.

2. The kid involved in this story makes these types of odd statements frequently.

During class today, my cell phone went off. I normally turn it off during school, but apparently I had forgotten to do so. As the University of Kentucky fight song played, I stopped my lesson and stared down at my pocket. The other students giggled as I got my phone out to turn it off.

After I shut off the ringer, a tuba player in the back raised his hand and asked "Was that the American Flag?"

Yeah...my reaction was about the same.

After the synapses in my brain untangled themselves, I explained that it was the University of Kentucky Fight Song, which is a piece of music and not a tangible object. 

Sometimes, there are lessons to teach that come up outside of our subject areas....