Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weird Crime: Bad Hair Day

(photo @ tvtropes)

Annapolis, Maryland

On the afternoon of April 10, 2014, 29-year-old Ryan Trembly entered Bubbles Hair Salon on a mission. It wasn't to give him a style that would turn heads and attract a new mate, though. Ryan was planning to rob the place.

He walked up to the receptionist, put his hand under his under shirt, and demanded that she give him the money in the register. Unfortunately for him, the young lady behind the counter was not fooled by his finger gun. Instead, she simply laughed in his face,

The receptionist also pointed out to reporters (and hopefully not to him) how stupid it was to rob a hair salon since a bank was right next door...although to Ryan's credit, he may have been correctly setting the bar low with regards to his criminal abilities.

After having completely failed at the robbery (and being completely emasculated), Ryan decided that now was the best time to spit some game, attempting to make small talk with the receptionist before leaving the salon.

She's definitely cute, Ryan, but you'd never win an 
argument after the way things started between you two.

Things must not have gone well. After Ryan left, the receptionist flagged down a nearby officer. According to police, she claimed to have seen Ryan enter another nearby business before being picked up in a white Nissan. The receptionist was able to provide them with a partial tag number for the car...

...which lead to police to finding Ryan at his mother's house.

Please...PLEASE tell me that it was a friend 
who just lived nearby and drove him there.

Ryan Trembly was arrested and charged with attempted robbery (psssh) and theft of less than $1,000, which I assume means that he took more than one mint off the counter before leaving the salon.

At the time of publication, no information on Ryan's bond or future court date had been reported.

...but I'm sure his mom will take care of both for him.

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