Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weird Crime Wednesday: Stress Ball Factory Worker Feels the Squeeze, Flips Out On Everyone

Blackpool, England

Earlier this year, a warehouse manager for the SPS novelty firm had to deliver the bad news to one of his employees, 44-year-old Darren Baldwin, that he was being let go. Baldwin, who helped to produce stress balls for the company, was a temporary employee, so his firing was most likely a matter of planned attrition rather than being based on job performance....

...or maybe the stress relief industry just wasn't the right place for him. After being informed of his job termination, Darren responded immediately by punching his manager in the face.

He then produce two knives, brandished them at his former boss (along with the other employees), and began shouting "I will cut you up!" as his co-workers attempted to keep him doing further harm to their floor manager.

"I've got your 'exit interview' right here!!"

Baldwin then returned home, where he was promptly arrested. He initially denied the charges against him, but changed his plea to guilty on the day of the trial (likely due to the inordinately large amount of witnesses that saw him go full-on Jennifer Aniston from Office Space).

Darren did, however, claim that he had the knives on him not for any sort of malicious purpose, but due to their needed use in the production of stress balls.

 Or stabbing all of your problems away.

Darren Baldwin is currently out on bail while awaiting sentencing (and hopefully has taken up yoga or something).

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