Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weird Crime Wednesday: Once you get hit with the poop, it's already too late

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Sydney, Australia

Police in Sydney are currently looking for a gang of robbers that are targeting people who have just walked away after using an ATM.  While thieves going after victims that are newly flush with cash is expected, the method that this particular band of criminals is utilizing has the authorities scratching their heads...and covering their noses.

The group watches their victims withdraw the money, waits for them to leave, and then throws their own feces at them.  They are apparently somehow able to do this undetected, since the next part of their plan involves them going up to the victims and offering to help clean them up.

Pleased to meet you, my dear. You seem to have 
some of the corn that I ate last night on your dress

People that have just been pelted by a random turd are rarely going to turn down any type of assistance or ask the hard questions like: "WHO JUST THREW POOP AT ME...and why did these guys suddenly show up and offer to help me clean it off?"  Knowing this, the gang uses their good Samaritan ruse as a cover while they steal their victims' cash.

These bandits have been running their crap and run scam since April, stealing as much as $30,000 from one victim.  Unfortunately, police have been unable to flush the criminals out of hiding (I'm so sorry, but that pun had to be included).

Police have released CCTV stills of the alleged perpetrators.  If you live in the Sydney area and see any of these men...or you know, get hit by an airborne glob of turd and then have a bunch of guys randomly offer to help clean you up, please alert the proper authorities immediately.

...and if the ATM is next to a Chinese buffet, surrender your cash immediately and without question.