Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Face Palm Moments in Journalism: Chan Ho Park Gives the Greatest Interview Answer, Ever.

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We have all had days when our efforts at work and/or life have fallen far short of our usual standards.  This can often be attributed to many things; some of them are obvious (lack of sleep, over sized workload, steel rod through head), and some are very private and not for public discussion.

In 2010, Yankees relief pitcher Chan Ho Park unknowingly tested that line in a way many of us wish we could.

In Park's first appearance of the season, he got completely shelled.  His next outing was much better.

In the locker room after the game, a reporter asked why his first game had been so poor.  Amid uncontrollable cackling by his teammates and other journalists, this was his brutally honest answer:

Yes, diarrhea.

In fact, if we heard him correctly the first three times, it was "a lot of diarrhea," which in nearly all cases is a case of redundant phrasing.

I don't begrudge the reporters or his teammates for losing it.  Something about the casual yet earnest way that he talks about his explosive bowel movements as a reason for a poor pitching performance still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

There's also clearly a divide between what he considers to be perfectly natural and no different from vomiting...and something that we whisper about in hushed, serious tones...laugh about hysterically in private.

My favorite part is when he tries to regain composure by giving a self assured eyebrow raise, which of course, only makes the interview even funnier.

That facial expression may also mean that it's time to clear the room.

And you know what?  Who among us hasn't suffered in our daily routine due to time and energy lost from Montezuma's Revenge?  We always tell people that we simply felt "sick" or that our stomach is "acting up," but everyone knows the truth.

You were stuck in the bathroom, making a Havana Omelet...or you just needed a break from the world to finish a level of Angry Birds.

                Maybe those birds don't get enough fiber, either.